Meet Robb and Craig of Acadian Robotics! They’ve partnered with the library to help bring some high-tech awesome to our Makerfaire!

1.) So tell us a little about yourself, your project, organization, or company that you’ll be displaying at the makerfaire

We are the founders of Louisiana’s first 3D Printing manufacturer, Acadian Robotics.We have spent 2 years in development of our first consumer 3D printer. The Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire will mark the official release of our printer to the public. We will be displaying our 3D printer as well as many objects our printer has created.

My name is Robb Perkins. I am Co-owner and Managing Partner of Acadian Robotics. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class in the U.S. Navy. I am a master craftsman and Technical Designer.

I am Craig Billings, Co-owner and Managing Partner of Acadian Robotics. I have an Associates Degree in Drafting and Design and have a vast knowledge of 3D modeling experience using various computer programs. In the production industry I gained experience as a theatrical lighting technician where I repaired and operated computerized lighting systems as well as intelligent lighting fixtures.

2.) What got you into making or creating? Have you always been a tinkerer?

Robb – I have always been a tinkerer. When I see something cool, my first thought is “I can make that!” and I always try. I have a curious nature and a mechanical mind. I have ruined just as much as I have built in my life. But, I have to know what’s inside.

Craig – From as early as I can remember I have always been fascinated with technology especially robotics. I have also imagined using robotic technology to create or modify things.

3.) How did you get started on your current project? How long have you been working on your current project?

Robb – One morning at work, Craig turned to me and asked “Have you seen these 3D printer things?” I looked it up and 20 minutes later I said to Craig, “I can build one for half that!” 2 years later and thousands and thousands of dollars we have our printer. And now you can have one as well.

Craig – When I first discovered 3D printing I could hardly keep my imagination under control. All I knew is that I had to have one of those machines. I mentioned to Robb that I planned on buying one. He tried talking me into doing some research and to build one from the ground up. At first I refused because I did not want to spend the time to learn about it. But I quickly learned that 3D printers are complex machines. So after 2 years of expense, testing, research, development, failure, and success we now have a machine that is Dependable, Durable, and Dynamic. With our years of combined knowledge we can save you the time, research, and money we have invested in our first 3D printer. We are proud to help bring 3D printing to Louisiana. You can be part of it as well and we hope you will.

4.) How can people find out more about your project, company, or organization?

We can be found at:

facebook/Acadian Robotics