1.) So tell us a little about yourself, your project, organization, or company that you’ll be displaying at the maker faire

I am the all singing, all dancing, all arting magical goblin of the multiverse. I am a painter, sculptor, gamer, costumer, musician, plumber, dermal micropigmentation technician, burner and mother. Those last two are the like maker boot camp and are the best way to learn lots of things in not a lot of time. My favorite things involve blacklights, tattoo machines, multicolored anything and giant subwoofers and I am a founder of the growing Morlock Power movement. We’ll be teaching kids and fun adults who like cool-looking stuff to wear how to make awesome no-sew, no-solder light gauntlets using EL wire and willpower, plus any other cool stuff we find laying around. My other goal is to see Doug Staas’s fire toys.

2.) What got you into making or creating? Have you always been a tinkerer?

I was raised by an artist, around artists. I had no chance to avoid becoming what I am. Also, I think of things and want things that you can’t just buy.

3.) How did you get started on your current project? How long have you been working on your current project?

There is no current project. There is an endless, mad carousel of projects that I desperately try to find time and resources to complete. There is always an event that requires a costume, blacklight art, a tattoo, a school project the children need help with, or succulent surface dwellers waiting for my limited attention. This year will probably be entirely devoured by the construction of my husband’s absurd blacklight reactive viking longship mutant vehicle for Burning Man, the Ragnaraver Raiding Reptile.

4.) How can people find out more about your project, company, or organization?

You can find me at Wascally Wabbit Tattoos on Facebook, Gigsville in Black Rock City or at wwtattoos@gmail.com