The Call for Makers is open!

The Call for Makers is open!

Hi, Baton Rouge Makers! Launch Your Imagination – sign up to participate in the 2018 Mini Maker Faire! The Call for Makers is open as of this very day, and we want to see what each and every one of you has been working on for the past year. Start your application today!


Anyone who makes anything! If you run your own small business, we’re happy to have you! If you’re part of a club with your friends or your school, come on in! Startups, researchers, developers, and commercial makers and crafters of all kinds are all welcome.


The Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire, of course – haven’t you been paying attention?


Saturday, October 6th, from 10 AM – 5 PM.


The Main Libary on Goodwood – the address is 7711 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA, 70806.


For the thrill! For the joy! For the expressions on the faces of random passersby! For the sheer unadulterated fun – making something successful is a triumph like nothing else, and we want to celebrate it with all of you, so sign up today!