Enter Wonderland with Knock Knock Children’s Museum! While learning about tools and gadgets of all kinds, you and/or your child can make a simple machine, code a robot, film a movie, or make a costume, card, puppet, teacup and more. Make a chess piece from nuts and bolts! Make a house or something you can wear out of playing cards! There will be interactive projects on things like being on time or being late; things that get small and grow large; stop motion animation; robots; puppets; mirrors; and, of course, whimsy. Lewis Carroll would be thrilled!

Since 2013, Knock Knock has brought educational fun to children all over Baton Rouge. With 18 learning zones, educator nights for teachers, sensory sensitive days, and a small library, Knock Knock museum has something for everyone. Visit them at their home location at 1900 Dalrymple Drive, and join them in Wonderland at the Maker Faire, at the Main Library at 7711 Goodwood Boulevard, on October 6th!