Hey, teens and parents of teens! At the Maker Faire, humans ages 12ish-18ish can participate in a STEAM challenge. Three fantastic activities will let you explore various space and physics-y stunts!

At 11 AM, build a lunar lander out of straws, mini marshmallows, paper, and a love for the unknown! If your marshmallow astronauts stay in their open cabin, you’ll have successfully landed on the moon.

At 1 PM, launch paper rockets into the air with the power of only your own feet and some rapidly compressed air!

At 3 PM, work together to design a docking method that will get the astronauts safely from the shuttle to the space station.

Challenge winners get the thrill of victory, as well as 3d-printed prizes. Join us on October 6th (that’s next very weekend!) to take part! And don’t forget to get your free ticket scanned to enter into drawings for even more great prizes!