Maker Faire is a great place to share your creative projects and hobbies. Attendees come to Maker Faire to learn and engage with makers and their projects. The more interactive the experience is, the better! If you’re considering being a maker at this year’s Faire, here are some things to keep in mind.

The best exhibits have a hands-on element to them. If someone can try their hand at a technique, they’ll be more engaged and more likely to remember that experience. For complicated or time-consuming projects, think of how you can get people involved with one aspect of it. Perhaps they could try using one of the tools involved or do a short section.

Next best would be a live demonstration of how to do something. Are you able to make something (or do part of the process) and share your knowledge as you go? Think of what information someone would need to get started on a similar project. Next best would be showing things that you’ve made and talking about the process.

While we welcome makers to sell their wares at the event, the primary focus of a booth is on sharing knowledge and inspiration. If you make beautiful widgets but have a secret process for making them, this might not be the best forum. We love that we’re able to offer this event for free to attendees, and we think attendees should have a great experience without reaching for their wallets.

If you have any questions or want to toss around some ideas before applying, get in touch!