Now taking applications for potential makers until September 14

Are you a maker with a project you’d like to show off? The Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire is the place to do it! We’re looking for people passionate about making – whether it’s building something from scratch, assembling a crazy robot, pickling your homegrown vegetables, or crafting something beautiful. Displaying your project at the Mini Maker Faire is a great way to share your passion and inspire future makers.

We’re not just looking for individuals! If your business is geared towards helping people complete their projects, we encourage you to apply for a booth.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An enthusiastic, inquisitive audience – expect to field questions about your project and talk about the making process
  • The Mini Maker Faire is from 10am-6pm – please plan on staying the entire time, and allow for setup time before and teardown after
  • Standard booth spaces are roughly 8×8
  • You are allowed to sell products, but please remember that the focus is on making! If you want to sell your product but can’t disclose the top secret way it’s made, this is not the right venue.

More details will be available during the application process. If your project requires special arrangements (e.g. extra space, internet access, additional power), be sure to mention them on your application.

Want to participate, but don’t feel like a booth is right for you? Consider doing a short presentation or leading a hands-on workshop. Be sure to choose the correct option when you’re submitting your application.

Here are your 2015 Makers:

2015 Roster of Makers

Don’t forget to grab some delicious food from the food trucks that will be on site:

  • Arceneaux’s
  • Cupcake Allie
  • Pullin’ Pork
  • Taco de Paco

Presentation Schedules

10:15-10:45 Oculus Rift Demo, Glen Kaufmann
11:00-11:30 Scanning for 3d Printers, Scandy
11:45-12:15 3D printing, Mike Brandyberry
12:30-1:00 Atmosphere Aerial
1:15-1:45 Mask Production & Use, Composite Effects
2:00-2:30 Introduction to Arduino, Eric Cahanin
2:45-3:15 LA Homebrew, Donovan McClelland

Teen Schedule:

10:00-10:45 Makey Makeys and Lego Mindstorm
11:00-12:00 Stop Motion Basics
12:15-2:15 Makey Makeys and Lego Mindstorm
2:30-3:30 Arduino Robotics Club

Introduction to Soldering Workshops

(Available first come basis, Sign Up outside of Classroom)

11:00 10 Seats available
12:00 10 Seats available
1:00 10 Seats available
2:00 10 Seats available


Click here for the 2014 Makers Roster–>