1.       Tell us a little bit about yourself.
The Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Association was started to help raise awareness for all types of facial hair, and to help give back to our community through events and competitions. Our competition proceeds goes to local charities and organizations.

2.        What are you presenting at the BRMMF?
We have our own line of beard oil, and mustache wax.

pumpkin_pie3.        Why is making important to you?
First, there was a need for a product line like ours in our city. We also wanted to know what we were putting on our faces. Many times, the fine line of ingredients is not known, and therefore taking a chance with your face and skin’s health is something we did not want to take.

4.        What was the first thing you remember making?
As a kid, the lemonade stand was my first business. It did not last long, as we did not get our ratio of sugar to lemon mix correctly.

5.        What have you made that you are most proud of?
A line of products that are all natural, and give people happiness, both on the outside and inside.


6.        Given an unlimited budget, what would you make?
We would expand our entire line to include beard oils, combs, brushes, skin care products, bath products, and a line of women’s products.

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