It’s our 10th anniversary of the Baton Rouge Maker Faire and we want you! Our Call for Makers form is open now and you can apply HERE! We are currently looking for Makers to demonstrate and share their hobbies and projects at this year’s Maker Faire which will take place October 1st to 7th. The week will feature maker workshops and events all leading up to our main event on Saturday, October 7th at the Main Library on Goodwood!

Our theme this year is metal! Metal is one of the most common maker materials out there and so many makers rely on it’s durability and variability in their work. Makers of all types rely on metal in their projects; be it jewelry-making, repurposing scrap, CNC work, and even sewing and crocheting! We’re particularly looking for people whose work highlights or features metal and metal-inspired work, like using or repurposing scrap metal; using heavy machinery; and so much more!

Building a strong maker community means working together, so priority acceptance will go to makers who can incorporate or demonstrate something to teach or share with Maker Faire attendees.